The Brief Information About Basketball Camps & Clinics

Basketball training is a special course that helps you in getting introduced to this wonderful game in a deeper way. There are varied aspects related with this game. If you aspire to be a player, then it is necessary that you understand the features in a perfect manner. It will help you in being a better and a stronger player. There are different camps offered by Houston Basketball Coaching. You can choose any as per your convenience.

The detailed information

The camp presents the participants with hands-on training about the game. There are different basic techniques taught to the players. However, the main emphasize is placed on three aspects. They are footwork, dribbling and shooting. The real life game situation is present to the participants. It helps them in understanding the stimulation of excitement and rush associated with the game in the real field. It helps the participants to develop themselves and see this game in a better light.

Knowing from professionals

We also pay special emphasis on organizing the basketball clinic. It is the way in which the aspirants are presented with special evaluation on their playing method. They also receive the instructions that will help them in being a better player. It is a single day event and not extended like camps. The clinics are mainly helpful for those that are already playing the game in the real field. We make sure that you receive instruction from professional players besides the c

The process of enrollment

Simply fill the admission form provided on the website along with a minimal deposit for the camp or the clinic. You can see the camp time in the camp details itself. Due to limited space we are not able to offer spot on the entry for the students. Thus, the aspirants must be sure to get admission beforehand. Our approach helps the aspirants in being confident about playing the game of basketball. You can take the help of customers support for further information.

Book Basketball Camp on below Date

Camp Date ( September 20, 2016 )
  • Mario Elie & Rafer Alston Clinic Location: 2203 N Westgreen Blvd, Katy, TX 77449, Age 10 - 17

    06:00 PM TO 07:30 PM

    $50.00    Buy Now
Camp Date ( September 22, 2016 )
  • Mario Elie & Rafer Alston Clinic Location: 7330 Westview Dr. 77055, Age 10 - 17

    06:00 PM TO 07:30 PM

    $50.00    Buy Now
Camp Date ( February 15, 2017 )
  • Test Camp Test abi

    01:10 PM TO 05:00 PM

    $60.00    Buy Now